First aid courses in english

It is not easy to choose when there are many courses to choose from. Remember that first aid courses are what can be called fresh produce. As time goes on your first aid skills will become "rusty". If you should find yourself in a first aid situation, it is very good to have completed a course so that you can rely on your first aid skills and thus feel competent to help. We recommend that you take 5-hour course if it is more than 2 years since you were on a First aid course. If it is less than 2 years ago, Our recommendation is a 4-hour refresher course that gives you a refresh of your first aid skills.

Here are our courses in English

First Aid Training 5 hours

kr 8 990

First Aid Training 4 hours

kr 7 990

First Aid Training 3 hours

kr 6 990

First Aid Training 6 hours

kr 9 990